Jah Prayzah fools fans

Popular Zimbabwean music superstar Jah Prayzah on Monday morning fooled his fans after posting a video which his followers eagerly thought was a new release for the track Kumahumbwe.

When Jah Prayzah posted the video which was titled Kumahumbwe official video, fans flocked to youtube eager to see what they thought would be a new music video. Jah Prayzah however appear on the clip explaining how his children had woken him up at 5 in the morning and lied to him that Rihanna and Chris Brown were at the gate and wanted to see him. Jah Prayzah says the prank by his children inspired him to post a clip which his fans would think was a new music video.

Commenting on the clip fans reacted differently upon realising it was April fools day, a day which brings humour to people across the globe. Jah Prayzah’s fans have in the past few months been treated to some top quality videos by Jah Prayzah. In February the popular artist released a video for the song Kunerima which featured television and radio personality Misred. Just last week Jah Prayzah left fans in awe after releasing a video for the track Chikomo.

Upon seeing the Zimbabwean artists post suggesting there was a new video for the track Kumahumbwe, fans were filled with anticipation only to realise it was an April foolsday joke. April foolsday is practised by country’s across the globe and Jah Prayzah’s prank caught fans unaware and proved to be one of the most amusing April foolsday jokes.

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