Madam Boss and Lorraine Guyo expose rot

Sunday was an emotional day for children who recognised the important role of their mothers. While many were celebrating, prominent actors Madam Boss and Lorraine Guyo teamed up for a 5 minute short film which sought to highlight the plight of pregnant women in hospitals.

The film begins with a depiction of the perfect doctor who is caring and ensures that a pregnant woman is well taken care of. There is however the transition to another hospital where nurses that attend to a patient exhibit no show of care resulting in a miscarriage. The short film which is based on a true story depicts the suffering that women have to endure at polyclinics and public hospitals.

After seeing the video many women reacted to the video, criticising the lack of care often depicted by nurses at public hospitals. Several testified to having gone through ill-treatment during their time of giving birth with many laying the blame on irresponsible nurses who show lack of patience when conducting their duties.

The short film also depicts how those with money receive the best care as it is at private hospitals where patients are allegedly treated with care. Given the struggles Zimbabweans are faced with economically, not many can afford to take their spouses to private hospitals. Pregnancy is one if the most difficult situations a woman can be faced with, moreso during a period where public hospitals appear overwhelmed by the number of patients they have to deal with.

The short film by Guyo and Madam boss depicts the tough situation Zimbabwean women are often faced with while also arousing the need to act on the part of authorities who have a duty of ensuring patients are well taken care of while in hospital during the process of giving birth. The rate of child mortality is reportedly on the increase owing to an overwhelming patient to doctor and patient to nurse ratio.

This has also been compounded by several uneccessary referals made by nurses at polyclinics who refer patients to public hospitals even in cases where they could have done the job themselves at polyclinic level.

Madam boss and Lorraine Guyo do well to depict the plight of women in hospitals. The duo is recognised as one of the top female actors around with Madam boss being a veteran in her own right. Lorraine Guyo is a newcomer to the acting scene but her talent is undoubted.

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