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Portia Zvavahera appears on Top billing.

Zimbabwean artist Portia Zvavahera made an appearance on popurlar South African travel and lifestyle magazine show Top billing on Saturday. An in depth introspection into her work was done thereby promoting one of Zimbabwe’s most gifted artists.

Portia paints her pieces on canvass. She said she is mainly inspired by God. Her paintings are indeed as a result of spiritual consultations. She stated that she mainly paints what she sees in her dreams. She merely translates her dreams into reality through pieces of art. Portia said that she always wanted to be an artist.

She said that she once had thoughts of running away but instead decide to relay those thoughts into art. Her paintings have made international headlines and were even exhibited at Stevenson Gallery in South Africa.

Portia is married to Gideon Gomo who supports her in her craft.Her paintings have stories behind them. These include issues of bondage, culture and deliverance. Her paintings have received recognition in many countries from London to Bangalore.Portia however asserted thatshe never imagined pursuing art as a career. She said it was only because she was so good at drawing that she realized she could actually make a living out of it. In her recent painting Portia said she dreamt of someone trying to attack her but she felt like she was encircled by an angel.

Portia said her greatest achievement was managing to continue working and having her work recognized. Prominent people like enterprenuer Mandla Sibeko complimented her work on the show and said that she was indeed endowed with a rare talent. Art is indeed a dynamic language and Portia is doing the nation proud through her artistic pieces

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