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Top 10 essential items for every woman’s handbag.

Ladies are known to move around with all their items. These include beauty products, extra shoes and hair equipment. There is however no need for one to clutter their bags with unnecessary items. Here is a list of the top 10 things that every woman really needs in her handbag at all material times.

1 Lipstick or lip balm.

This is very important especially this winter. There is nothing that screams for attention like dry, chapped lips. It is imperative that a woman occasionally dab her lips with lip balm or good lipstick to moisturize the skin on the lips. Lipstick also gives an added advantage when your make up has worn out as it stands out on it’s own to give you a good look. International singer Rihanna has often emphasized the importance of lipstick.

2 Pepper Spray.

A bottle of pepper spray will make any woman feel safe and secure. In this world where crime is rife and cases of rape and robbery are in the increase, pepper spray is a must have in any woman’s bag or purse. The power cuts have also increased the risk of women being mugged or rapped hence the need for one to keep pepper spray at all times.

3 Pad

The menstrual cycle can change at any time due to certain health factors. A real lady always keeps a pad in her bag for you never know when that time of the month comes. It is quite embarrassing for one to go on their period unprepared.

4 Hand cream.

This is another essential item for every woman. Hands can easily get dry and chapped therefore application of hand cream occasionally is needed.

5 Hand sanitizer

Women touch countless things in single day. Handshakes at board meetings, opening doors and scratching your head can all leave germs on the hands. Hand sanitizer is a good investment to keep hands clean. Furthermore with the issues of water scarcity, using a hand sanitizer after visiting the toilet or eating can alleviate the problems associated with lack of water.

6 Tissue

Good quality tissues are important. They can help when one spills something on to their clothes or sneezes. They can be used to wipe dirty surfaces when one is about to sit down such as bus seats.

7 Breath mints

After a whole day of talking and communicating one’s mouth might need to be freshened up. A couple of mints should always be handy.

8 Hair ties

The importance of these can never be understimated. Hair ties are a great way of getting one’s hair out of the face when a situation calls for it.

9 Painkillers

A headache or stomach cramp can strike at any time. Painkillers must always be within reach.

10 Water

It is healthy for one to keep hydrated and a small bottle of water should always be kept close by.

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