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Wigs dominating this winter

Winter has seen most women resorting to wearing wigs in order to protect their hair. The cold weather affects hair by causing breakage and shrinkage. The use of wigs however shields hair from the harsh atmospheric influences.

Wigs have gained so much popularity that some people are even making headpieces by themselves at home. A scroll of social media handles would reveal a plethora of DIY home videos on making wigs.

Wigs are also a cheaper option for most women as they last longer rather than ordinary hairstyles. This is particularly so because a wig can be taken off at any time. This includes at night when one is about to retire to bed or when working in dusty environments. This therefore prolongs their life span. Furthermore a wig can be washed, dryed and styled thereby preserving its longevity.

Men have also been wearing wigs. It can be noted that there are now male wigs available for sale. These include dreadlocked wigs and afro kinky hair wigs. Some men buy these wigs merely for the simple reason of keeping their heads warm this cold winter.

The increase in the use of wigs has had drastic consequences for hairdressers as business has certainly declined. One hairdresser contacted by this publication for comment in Ebony hair saloon in the Harare cbd bemoaned shortage of clients. She asserted that because most people are now wearing wigs, the number of walk in clients who come to have their hair done has rapidly declined.

Most people have claimed that it makes economic sense to just invest in a good quality wig and never have to worry about having hair done regularly. A single playing hairstyle is costing around 80 rygs dollars and if that was to be done o a regular basis then it would become expensive for the ordinary citizens.

Wigs now include braided wigs, conrows, long weaves,short weaves and even dreadlocks. There is therefore adequate choices for one to choose from

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