Government sets the record straight on VP Chiwenga’s health.

Following speculation on the deteriorating health of vice president Constatino Chiwenga, government recently released an official statement to give clarity to the issue.

In a press release dated 22 July 2019, government assured the nation that the vice president had been airlifted to China for further medical tests. They said he had been responding well to treatment but required further observations and tests.

Specialist doctors from South Africa, Zimbabwe and China will be working together to restore his health. The vice president has been unwell for some time. Although unconfirmed reports have suggested that the statesman was poisoned, these allegations remain unsubstantiated. The vice president has been exhibiting signs of ill health since early this year. In one incident when he was addressing striking doctors, he started acting strangely and looked like he was feeling extremely hot.

The vice president has also been seen with a canula on his hand often, an indication that he might be taking medicine regurlaly.

The VP was the commander of the armed forces in Zimbabwe before his resignation. He was later on appointed the vice president of Zimbabwe. He was instrumental in bringing about independence to Zimbabwe. He was actively involved in the liberation struggle.

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