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Housemaids and child abuse: The sad reality.

Of concern to this publication is the rising scourge of child abuse by housemaids. Gone are the days when married women stayed at home to look after their children on their own. The economic demands and fast paced world we are now living in, have unfortunately, led to most women going to work to help their husbands to support their families.

Housemaids have now filled in that role of taking care of the kids and ensuring they are well cared for. It is quite sad and unsettling that some housemaids are abusing their powers and subjecting little kids to inhumane treatment. One source, who declined to be named, indicated that she had only realised recently that her maid was in the habit of bathing her one year old daughter in cold, freezing water this winter. It had only come out in the open when her mother in law, who had heard the baby wailing went to inquire. She was shocked when she saw the little baby immersed in cold water.

Several videos have also been circulating on social media of housemaids beating up little kids or starving them. With the advent of technology, some people have installed cameras in their rooms to catch sight of what happens when they are not available. The disturbing trend is that of little children being victimized and assaulted. Their innocent little souls tormented and their physical forms brutally tortured.

It is imperative that parents spend quality time with their children and lend an ear to their problems. Victimized children often exhibit distress signals but lack of attention to those issues may lead to withdrawal and mood swings.

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