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Zimbabwean prophets endorse zimdancehall.

Zimdancehall music is a genre that has taken over the music industry by storm. It is widely enjoyed by the young at heart. It has however managed to get the attention of some clergy man who have joined the bandwagon in endorsing zimdancehall music.

Prophet Passion Java is a self confessed Zimdancehall music addict. He loves the chants and catchy lyrics of most zimdancehall songs. Prophet Passion also supports zimdancehall artists such as Fantan and Enzo ishall. He even has a riddim dubbed Passion Java riddim dedicated to him.

Prophet Passion is renowned for his use of dancehall lingo such as uttering the words ‘stonyeni’ in his messages. He recently featured on a track by Enzo ishall. The man of God also caused a stir recently when he was recorded singing along to the song Hameni munhu waMwari by Soul Jah love.

Another person of interest when it comes to zimdancehall music is newly declared man of God, Prophet Oscar Pambuka. The prophet simply loves dancehall music. He even went further to record his own zimdancehall songs. Prophet Pambuka has released songs such as Tadhakwa, Hapana anotimisa and Nhongonya. He has collaborated with the likes of Kinnah, Empress Massi and Do Fantan.

Pambuka is currently in the process of wrapping up a new programme which will be aired recently on Zbc t.v. From indications by the prophet it should be a programme focus on zimdancehall. He shared images of himself behind the scenes together with judgement yard’s own Dj merciless and Coco weAfrica. The man of cloth wrote,” Oscar Pambuka alongside Merciless on Zbc TV. New programme coming out soon”.

Then there is Chaplain Ms Phiri. She always refers to zimdancehall phrases when preaching. In one sermon she broke into Soul Jah Love’s television promo for Zbc TV licensing much to the amusement of her congregation.

Zimdancehall music seems to be attracting a lot of attention including that of religious leaders.

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