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Top 10 tips to keep calm on your wedding day.

Having a wedding is every person’s dream. However when reality bites on the actual day, some people might find it difficult to handle the pressure of the events on the day. Here are some useful tips to help you calm down on the blissful day.

1 Keep yourself hydrated and well fed. Being thirsty and hungry can make you cranky and leave you feeling irritable. Do not limit your normal food intake on the day.

2 Breathe and meditate. Ensure that you take long breaths throughout the day or whenever you feel the pressure getting to you.

3 Leave room for disappointment. Not every service provider will deliver up to your expectations. Some people have been abandoned during the very last minute by caterers, florists or make up artists. It happens. Have a plan B already set before the big day.

4 You should have fun on the most important day of your life. Laugh, converse with your guests and dance to your favorite music.

5 Appoint a Co ordinator to oversee things on the day. You will not have the chance to be hands on or to make sure things go according to plan.

6 You should also have confidence. Facing a lot of people, some of whom will be long lost relatives or your patner’s relatives that you do not know, can be daunting.

7 Do not try to stick holistically to the program. Delays are inevitable. A 5 minute speech can take more time. Try to just relax and go with the flow.

8 Pick out a strong support system. Your maid of honor or best man must be someone who is able to support you and make alternative plans when there is a problem. They must take great care of you on the day.

9 Savour all the good moments on your day. Do not !issue out on the fun or be uptight about silly things.

10 Smile and pose for the cameras. You will want to reminisce on the day through photos.

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