Top 10 tips to safeguard your child’s mental health.

Mental health awareness is one of the most overlooked concepts in Zim. Children often exhibit signs of mental problems but are often left to suffer because of lack of knowledge on the part of the guardians. Here are our top ten tips to ensure that your child’s mental health is good.

1 Listen to your child at all times. Pay particular attention to their complaints, worries and fears.

2 Keep an eye out for any behavioural changes. These might include a child isolating himself from others or being naughtier than expected.

3 You must alsi supprot your child on a regular basis. Encourage your child in their endevours and shower them with praises where necessary.

4 Encourage your child to rest. Rest is essential in ensuring a proper functioning mind.

5 Strive to get to know how your child is feeling. Some kids may habour their feelings inside it it takes effort and a listening ear to get to know their feelings.

6 Always try to offer solutions to their problems rather than leaveing them to figure things out themselves. This might be frustrating to them.

7 Look out for signs and symptoms of mental health. Be alert at all times.

8 Educate yourself about mental health issues. Some things may be happening right under your nose without you realising what it entails.

9 Help your child with techniques on how to cope with issues that affect them. Simple coping skills such as breathing deeply or taking some time out may help safeguard their sanity.

10 Love is the most important tool in ensuring a sane mind. Give unconditional love to your child. Let it manifest in your actions and words.

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