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Fans excited about ‘Kure kure’ remix.

Most people can’t seem to get enough of Ishan and T Gonzi’s new spin on their hit song Kure kure. The remix features top Zimbabwean artists Enzo ishall, Frya, Dobba Don Mussa and Killer T. The new video clearly highlights the abundance of talent in Zimbabwe and the magic that can unfold when local artists come together.

The video was shot in Mbare and highlights day to day activities of the Zimbabwean citizen. It shows how people hustle to make a living and provide for their families. The video also has an emotional twist as it follows how an individual grows from being a child to adulthood.

The lyrics in the song are enchanting. Enzo uses his lyrical prowess to give life to the song. Frya’s melodious voice gives a sexy vibe to the song. Kure kure is one of the most played songs in Zim and the remix has been warmly received. It already has over 60 000 views on you tube, barely a week after being released. Killer T, Dobba Don,Mussa T Gonzi and Ishan also elevate the song with their flow. The song was indeed given a new lease on life.

The chorus remains unchanged. The fusion of rythmic African beats and the young singers’ harmonious voices make this song worth lending an ear to. Most and have acknowledged that the song is a hit. A few critics, however, said the original song sounded better than the remixed version. The song is already available on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and You tube.

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