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Olinda Chapel celebrates birthday with friends.

Socialite Olinda Chapel recently celebrated her birthday in style, in the absence of enstranged husband Tytan of course. In a short video circulating online Olind is seen enjoying herself and conversing with friends and family. Dressed in a a classy red dress and new colorful hairdo, Olinda is a complete opposite of her former sobbing self after the break up.

Olinda seems to have moved on with her life after a public fallout with her husband Tytan. In spite of the latter alleging domestic abuse, Olinda has refuted such claims and castigated Tytan for playing the victim in order to hold in to his Visa.

The 36 year old socialite also posted a birthday message for herself. Her daughter Nandi’s Instagram page also had a sweet message for Olinda as she turned a year older. Olinda had a custom made birthday cake made for herself. It featured a gold crown on top, symbolic of her status as the queen of her world.

Olinda was previously married to rapper Stunner but the marriage ended after cheating allegations surfaced. History seemed to have repeated itself as her marriage to Tytan also ended on the same note.

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