Top 5 stylish hairstyles on natural hair.

Most black women have started to embrace their natural fros. Gone are the days when black women used to shy away from exposing their natural hair. They would hide their beautiful crowns in overrated wigs. Women have now come up with trendy styles to pump up their natural hair. Here are our top 5 favorite looks.

Finger coils

Finger coils are natural, earthy and authentic.They can be done on virtually any type of natural hair. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing finger coils even at official events.

2 Finger waves

Finger waves are also a great way to pimp up natural hair. To achieve a smooth look, one has to apply the appropriate gel and smoothen out hair before drying it. Finger waves are a good companion to formal dressing as well as casual wear.

3 Cornrows

Most people loooove cornrows. Not only do they compliment any look but they also bring out the youthful face in any woman.Cornrows have been dominating on the fashion and beauty scene. Even celebrities such as Beyonce have been spotted wearing cornrows at one point.

4 Perm rod set

A perm rod set is basically done using perm rods. The result is a thick wave of curls. This look is quite classy and most women have expressed their great interest for this hairdo.

5 Bush locks

These are by are the most popular hairdos for black women. They are easy to do, maintain and can be pimped up either by shaving the sides or creating different angles and shapes. Bush locks are a great way to make a statement this spring and allow for air to penetrate the scalp.

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