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Chicken hut tenders apology for insensitive Robert Mugabe joke.

Renowned Portuguese chicken and barbeque food outlet Chicken hut have tendered an apology for advertisement they did soon after the passing on former president Robert Mugabe. The president passed away at the age of 95 in Singapore. Chicken hut were marketing their full chicken which was 96 rtgs. They then remarked that even the chicken had failed to reach a hundred rtgs.

The advert invoker so much anger as it mimicked the late former president who despite passing away at the age of 95 had once remarked that he would reach 100 years old. The advert, in spite of not clearly stating out this fact, was evidently making reference to this issue. Chicken hut received a lot of backlash from its patrons and other people who lambasted them for being insensitive at a time when the whole nation was mourning the death of the late Mugabe.

Chicken hut recently issued a statement apologizing for the ad. They said it was never their intention to make a mockery of anyone and that it had been meant to b a light joke. They also said they are advocates of unity . Chicken hut acknowledged that the timing of the joke had been wrong. Many people agreed with them and applauded them for having the guts to apologise. Others, however, said it was merely a joke that had been taken too seriously.

Chicken hut is renowned for its catchy and hillarious marketing strategies. Their ads reflect whatever will be happening in the Sink society. They always find a way to incorporate scandals and latest news into their ads.

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