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Jah Prayzah and Enzo ishall set the new spring cool.

Zimbabwean celebrities are always setting the pace when it comes to new trends and style. Even simple everyday pleasures can be redefined by the mere fact that a celebrity is doing them. Enzo ishall and Jah Prayzah recently showed some spring love as they shared images of themselves enjoying a local street delicacy, ice Lolo.

The cool and sweet street treat is another version of the famous ice lollies known world over. The distinguishing factor is the packaging. Ice Lolo is packaged in a small plastic, like those in which freezits are packed into. Ice Lolo comes in different flavors and colours. Others use local fruits such as baobab pulp known as mawuyu powder and milk to make their own flavor combo.

The image has aroused so much attention with most people commending the celebs for embracing local street foods. Others querried whether their pockets were running dry to the point of eating such lowly, common food. This is not the first time prominent names have come under the spotlight for eating humble food. Leader of PhD ministries prophet Walter Magaya was once ridiculed for eating a freezit and some maputi at a football game.

Whether one concedes to Enzo ishall and Jah Prayzah eating such, the fact is the duo has set in motion a new spring trend. With this unbearable heat, fans can emulate the to and cool off with a juicy, sweet and cold ice lolo

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