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Queen Tatelicious encourages people to accept their HIV statuses.

Popurlar drama queen Tatelicious has dished out some advice regarding the health status of her fans. She stated that people ought to accept their HIV statuses. The outspoken transgender has been living with the HIV virus for over 16 years. She recently announced that she was grateful for good health after having acquired the virus nearly two decades ago.

Queen Tatelicious said that it puzzled her that there were two groups of people, in her own opinion, who find it difficult to accept being HIV positive. She said these were doctors and celebrities. The queen said that people must learn to embrace being HIV positive and quickly make strides to improve their lifestyle. She stated, “Just accept reality and move on with it because we need your talents, don’t choose death over medication”.

Indeed the sentiments uttered by the queen have been applauded. The sad reality is that most people fail to come to terms with being certified HIV positive. Others even end up committing suicide. The queen has been commended for raising awareness and encouraging people to accept reality. Other celebrities who have spoken up in the issue include socialite Pokello Nare, who has been advocating for married women to go and get tested as they tend to relax. Comedian Mai Titi also recently won an award for raising HIV and AIDS awareness due to her constant messages encouraging people to get tested and if found to have the disease to seek proper medication and eat healthy food.

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