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Top 10 tips to care for your feet.

Most of us cringe at the smell of dirty feet or the sight of dry,chapped and cracked heels. These top ten told will give your feet a new lease of life and you will never have to shy away from exposing your feet and wearing open shoes.

1 Change socks on a regular basis. Dirty socks often lead to smelly feet.

2 Limit your heel wearing period. Heels do not offer much comfort to your shoes. It is advisable to wear pointy shoes and stilletos at special occasions only.Always carry an extra pair of flat shoes if you wear heels at work.

3 Wear flip flops when entering public showers such as at the gym, hotel bathrooms or at school to avoid infection causing bugs.

4 Always dry your toes thoroughly. Fungal infections such as athlete’s foot commonly occur between the toes if not properly dried. You can also dust off your feet with some foot powder which in turn can absorb excess moisture between the toes.

5 Wash your feet everyday in warm, soapy water. Do not, however, soak your feet as this may dispose of natural skin oils.

6 Moisturise your skin with moisturising oil especially if it is dry. Remove hard skin and calluses with a soft stone or nail file. However, be gentle and careful because rubbing too hard may cause the calluses to redevelop and become even harder.

7 Wear shoes that are suitable for each occasion. For example you cannot wear heels to go for mountain climbing.

8 Wear shoes that support your feet. Some shoes such as flip flops do not offer foot support. They may actually cause arch and heel pain. They should therefore not be worn constantly.

9 It is advisable to go shopping for shoes in the afternoon, particularly in this hot weather, as your feet will be swollen. This will ensure that you get a proper shoe size that will be comfortable.

10 Always cut your toenails. Use nail clippers and cut straight through. Do not attempt to cut at fancy angles as this may cause ingrown nails.

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