Mixed reactions to Zbc tv’s total revamp of newshour.

There have been mixed reactions over the revamping of Zimbabwe’s only national television broadcaster ZBC tv newshour platform. Whilst the media house has been criticised in the past for what has been termed “cheap quality” graphics, they seem to have stepped a notch up with a new and improved newshour setup.

The background has been changed to reflect a more refined graphic design. It is reminiscent of the BBC or any other major broadcaster’s set up. To add icing to the cake ZBC has also changed its newshour jingle from the old drum beat to a morden, soft and classic beat. Most people commended the national broadcaster for showing an initiative to improve the quality and delivery of its work.

They said the new jingle was in line with modern civilization and interests as opposed to the drum beat which had dominated news hour for decades. The new set was also said to be a huge improvement from previous sets which lacked creativity and were not appealing to the eye.

A few, however, said they disliked the new concept and that ZBC should have kept the old system of doing things. The drum beat was said to be an intergral part of Zim heritage and culture. Here are some of the comments on istagram.

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