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Top 5 interesting things about Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country that is rich in cultural diversity, natural beauty and wealth. There has ,however, been a shift in the order of doing business and the country has found itself wallowing in poverty and self pity. Here are some rather strange and odd things that are done in Zimbabwe and perculiar to the small African nation.

1 You have to buy your own cash.

The country is experiencing an acute shortage of cash. Hard cash is a precious commodity and for one to have access to it, thy have to fork out ridiculous amounts of money. The current cash out percentage is at 60%. In order for one to convert their hard earned money from their bank account or ecocash account and get cash in exchange, they need to put 60% of that amonut on top.

2 You can exchange your foreign currency in the street rather than the official bureau de change companies.

It is a normal practice for those with foreign currency to exchange it for the local currency inthe streets, on the popular black market rather than at official exchange sites. The black market dominates the for exchange industry as they offer a higher rate than the official bank rate. This has led to economic collapse as banks are losing out on money to illegal forex dealers.

3 Diesel is more expensive than petrol.

Unlike in past years when diesel was cheaper than petrol, the opposite is now true in Zim. Diesel is currently being sold at a price that is higher than petrol.

4 Dying is more expensive than living

Funeral costs and arrangements have become so expensive such that most people are left with debts following the burial of a relative. Funeral cover premiums are very high and are constantly being hiked to meet the rising operational costs. Most people, even professionals ,have been lamenting high premium costs.

5 One party has been ruling since independence

Ever since Zimbabwe attained it’s independence in 1980, one party has been ruling. Zanu Pf has been holding onto power for about 39 years. All efforts by the opposition parties to get into the ruling seat have been thwarted. In a space of 39 years, only two presidents have ruled the country.

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