Top 6 remedies for bad body odour.

Bad breath and body odour are certainly a huge turn off. Most people struggle to maintain a clean and fresh smelling scent on their person as they go about their daily business. These tips will help you maintain a clean and refreshing smell all day long.

1 Put anti perspirant during bedtime.

Whilst it is common for people to apply anti perspirant after a shower and during daytime, it has actually merged that this practice is less effective than applying it at night. The reason is that daytime sweat can accumulate and wash away the anit perspirant, leaving one prone to bad odur and sweat. Rather apply your anti perspirant after a night shower as people sweat less when they are sleeping. This allows the anti perspirant to work through out the night and penetrate into pores.

2 Make dietary changes

Fatty foods, oils and strong smelling foods such as garlic can contribute to bad odour. Incorporate foods with mild scents into your diet and drink lots of water.

3 Shave, shave, shave

Shave your underarms and pubic area regurlaly to prevent accumulation of bacteria and to reduce sweating which in turn causes bad body odour.

4 Apply natural oils

Some oils have properties that get rid of bad odour. A good example is coconut oil.

5 Revise your habits when it comes to socks.

Socks must be changed everyday as they can cause stinky feet and shoes.You must also wear thick, absorbent socks that suck in sweat if your feet sweat heavily or in extremely hot weather.

6 Wash your workout clothes often.

If you sweat heavily when working out, it is advisable to thoroughly wash your work out clothes.

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