Are Zimbabweans eating toxic meat?

Local authorities have issued a warning to members of the public to desist from buying meat from unauthorized sources. It is being alleged that adulterated meat which is full of toxins is being sold in streets and other homesteads posing a health risk to consumers. The director of Health services Prosper Chonzi said people must buy meat from licensed butcheries and not in the streets.

Due to the sharp rise in meat prices most people are resorting to the black market for their protein needs. Pork, beef, fish and chicken have become common in street corners as they are being sold at a slightly cheaper price. Last week reports surfaced that even some butcheries were selling meat that is not safe for human consumption. It was alleged that the constant power cuts have led to some butchers preserving meat using chemicals used to preserve dead bodies in mortuaries. Others use a mixture of unhealthy components to preserve the red meat colour.

Meat prices have skyrocketed to shocking amounts in the past few months with a bird of chicken costing over ZWL$ 100 from ZWL$ 6 at the beginning of the year. Beef is being sold at a staggering ZWL$ 120-150 per kg in most supermarkets. Most people have simply given up on buying meat and are buying alternatives such as beans,soya chunks and cabbage.

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