Legal fees hiked.

Lawyers are breathing a huge sigh of relief after the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) reviewed legal tariffs upwards in line with growing inflation and cost of living. Clients will now have to fork out up to 5000 rtgs per hour for legal services whilst in cases of divorce they would have to part with a whooping 18 000 rtgs.

The new tariffs by LSZ come at a time when legal practitioners were crying foul over low tariffs for work done. The LSZ has asserted that legal practitioner are oblidged to charge fees for work done which are fair and reasonable. Tariffs for general professionals include court attendances, legal drafting, telephone calls and other work. This does not however include conveyancing fees,collection commissions and deceased estate administration fees.

For uncontested divorce, with or without a consent paper, litigants will have to pay 18 000. The charges however vary according to one’s experience. According to the LSZ tariff schedule unregistered law graduates that are recorded by the LSZ can charge 900-1800 rtgs. Those who have been in practice for 5-9 years can charge 2250 rtgs. The schedule is quite extensive and gives a helpful guideline on how to charge clients.

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