The pros of working from home.

Working from home poses some great advantages for yourself. Not only does it break the stereotype that work is solely offuice bvased but it also affords better opportunities for you. Here are some of the benefits of working from home.

1. Working from home gives you more time to spend with yopur family. Unlike in the office environment which is purely restrictive, working from home encourages you to have more quality moments with family. Richard Branson recently highlighted the gratification that he got from being around his kids when he started his multi million dollar company Virgin as he was working from home.

2. While the normal work set up has specific time frameworks such as the typical 8-4 pm shift, the same cannot be applied to working from home. Indeed you can regulate your own working hours and set up a timetabkle better suited for you.

3. Working from home is definitely more fun and energizing because there is no need to dress up like you would when going to the office. You can seal major deals in your pyjamas! This also reduces the burden of wasting precious time trying to dress up and look good.

4. You will have more flexibility when working from home rather than at the office. There are no disruptions such as emergency boardroom meetings and urgent applications that just drain your energy.

5. The greatest relief of having to work from home, in your own space is not having to report to anyone. Nothing beats the joy of doing things in your own time, at your own pace and without restrictions.

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