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Top 5 stylish ways to pimp up your haircut.

Most women have started to embrace the short hit mivement. Indeed a ladies cut on hot summer day is the ideal way to go about your business. It can nevertheless turn out to be boring and plain and we have compiled for you some creative ways to spice up your haircut.

1 Put a weave on it.

You can put either a short weave or a long one for some flair and glam. Shavedside with some dramatic lines can really pair well with a weave in the midlle. Do not be afraid to go risque as this look can make you stand out from the crowd. You might want to add some colour to your look by opting for a weave with a colour of choice. Celebrities such as Rihanna popularised this look.

2 Bush locs

Bush locs are cheeky,edgy and very fashionable. They are simply every black girl’s go to look.

3 Faux locs

Faux locs also give a very fresh and natural feel to your haircut. You can choose the length of your choice. The great thing about them is that you can style them differently every time you feel like changing their look. This trend has become very common nowadays.

4 All about the colour.

Gone are the days when people frowned upon colourful hair. You can spice up your haircut by adding some colour such as blue,green, orange, red and even white.

5 Dramatic lines

Add some dramatic lines on the sides for a showstopping effect. Most people nowadasys put stars, lines,a geographical shapes and angles on their heads. All you need is a good barber.

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