Top 5 telling signs you are being harrassed at the gym.

Gym harrasment is often brushed aside by members. It is however, a serious cause for concern. Many women have highlighted how nasty comments were made in them as they tried to fit in the gym set up. Likewise some men have reported advances from female counterparts at the gym. Here are some signs that you are being harrassed at your local gym.

1Being body shamed.

Hurtful remarks about one’s body is a form of harrasment. Some people end up not feeling comfortable at the gym because of being body shamed. A few months ago, a video went viral about a fat woman being ridiculed in the gym as she started her training.

2 Sexual advances

There have been reports of sexual advances being made on other members by fellow gym members.

3 Nasty comments.

Some hurtful remarks can set one off. Whenever you hear people passing off nasty comments about you in the gym, then it is definitely a cause for concern.

4 Being neglected.

Others have reported of being deliberately ignored by instructors and gym personnel. This is particularly so where one refuses to entertain unwarranted advances by the said group. Do not take this lightly and seek help before it is too late.

5 Being sanctioned

Being sanctioned for failure to meet set targets may end up being harrasment at times. An instructor may say the punishment for failing to adhere to some details is this kind of training but it can be taken too seriously resulting in the member being demotivated and feeling overworked.

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