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Top 8 expensive items owned by Passion Java.

Controvesial prophet Passion Java has amassed a lot of wealth over the years. The “Twabam” creator often flaunts his array of expensives cars, houses and clothes on social media. He has been criticised for his wayward behaviour and most people have questioned the source of his wealth. The prophet also loves to go on expensive holidays in Dubai, Mauritius, USA and various other countries. He recently celebrated his birthday in style but hosting a free braai and later on took his celebrations to Dubai. Here are 8 expensive things that the prophet owns.

1 Helicopter.

Early this year the man of God splashed out on an expensive helicopter. He bragged about it on social media and said it had been his dream to own helicopter some day.

2 Lamborghini

The prophet also raised some eyebrows when he purchased a Lamborghini worth over half a million US dollars. He paraded it online and gushed at his new baby. The Lamborghini torches some controvesy with most people querrying where the prophet was getting his money from, in particular, US dollars that have become scarce in Zim.

3 Gold crusted iPhone.

The prophet recently showed off a gift from one of his “spiritual sons”. It was a 24 carat gold encrusted iPhone 11 complete with its certificate of authenticity.

4 Expensive sunglasses

He prophet owns some sunglasseso worth US 1200.

5 Gold watch

He also possesses a 24 000 dollar gold watch. He is rarely seen without his watch.

6 Expensive ring

Java confessed that his ring cost US 9000 in a recent video. Talk of high standards.

7 Recording studio

Java owns a recording studio which has state of the art equipment. It was designed to cater for gospel singers who did not have the means to pay for producers.

8 US 14 000 dollar bracelet.

This is one of his many items that cost a fortune.

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