Top 5 things to consider before quitting your job.

It is a good thing to take some time to look for a new job before you actually hand in your resignation. You can utilise your lunch time or free time to do some job hunting. If you are planning to wait your job in order to start your own, you can actually start growing your own business while you are still at work.

2. You must have a solid plan of action after quitting before you actually do. Most people are in such a rush to wait work but have no clue as to what they will do afterwards. If you are quitting to start your own business then have a clear understanding of what to expect as an entrepreneur. If you are quitting because a new opportunity has come along, then brace yourself for the new challenges presented with your new job.

3. Have some money saved up before quitting your job. This will tide you over until you find your next opportunity. Work out how long you think it will take you to get another job and save up enough to cover that period.

4. Never quit your job because of emotions. A confrontation with the boss or a fellow employee does not warrant leaving your job. Do not easily get frustrated with work issues.

5. Never leave your job solely because you have been offered a higher salary. Many people make that fatal mistake and end up pursuing careers they have no passion for. You have to weigh the pros and cons of leaving your current job and reflect on having a higher salary versus doing what love and job satisfaction.

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