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Pics:Celebrities who rock hats.

Our celebrities always find ways to spice up their looks. We profile some of the hats worn by our local stars that we instantly fell in love with. Of course a good hat is always a great accessory to an outfit.

1. Jah Prayzah

To complete his military like look, Jah Prayzah opted for this colorful beret and we were simply hooked. Not only does this hat fit him perfectly but it also matches his outfit. Jah Prayzah usually spots his locs, either neatly tied up or left loose but we feel he should wear hats more.

2. Kapfupi

Kapfupi rose to fame because of this unique hat. It rarely leaves his head. This hat has become a “Kapfupi” hat and one needs balls of steel to pull it off like he does. He wears it for formal occasions, video shoots and even during promos.

3. Winky D

The zimdancehall chanter rarely shows off his locs. Winky has a collection of hats ranging from simple ones to more sophisticated hats. This simple grey hat is a hit. It clearly captures his beautiful locs and pairs well with his clothes.

4. Baba Harare

The “hat dzemurara” singer never disappoints when it comes to his head gear. No wonder why he sang about his hat in a song. He simply had to give meaning and completeness to this police uniform by donning a matching police hat. We love it.

Madam boss

Most ladies want to show off their wigs and fancy hair styles but Madam boss merely wants to rock a hat. This cap is funky and stylish and no one else could rock it better than our favourite comedian

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