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Zim students in Corona virus struck Wuhan reach out to Olinda Chapel

Zimbabwean students living in China, particularly in Wuhan, have reached out to socialite Olinda Chapel. The socialite recently shared a message that she had received from the students who appealed for assistance. They said the town was on lockdown causing untold distress and suffering to them. The students claimed they are suffering from mental distress and depression.

They said students used to sustain themselves and !ake ends meet by doing part time jobs in and around the town but the lockdown has dealt a heavy blow.They said efforts to engage the government’s have been fruitless and some students have had to go to bed on empty stomachs. A rough estimate of about 350 students in the district from Zimbabwe are said to be affected.

Corona virus epidemic has since been declared a global disaster and the infection has killed over a thousand people worldwide. It emanated from China prompting the government there to build a hospital that can house you to 10 000 patients within a week. Most countries have since put a travel ban on all those coming from China and affected countries. In Zimbabwe, there was one suspected case and the person was detained at Willing hospital until she got clearance from doctors. The plea by the students shows lack of commitment and a flawed foreign policy on the part of government

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