5 health guidelines for a better you

Follow these 5 health guidelines and see the amazing benefitsEnjoy 30 minutes of sunshine in a day
This is essential for good bone health. Bone density decreases as we age through habits such as not exercising enough. Being in the sun promotes no e health as sunshine converts inactive Vitamin D into active Vitamin D which is necessary for absorption of calcium in the bowel.

Have five grams of salt a day
The recommended amount of salt by health experts is five grams of salt a day. This has been endorsed by the World Health Organization. Check out the amount of hidden salt in pre cooked foods.

Have fewer fast food meals
Many people binge on restaurant fast foods such as pizza and wings in this fast paced world. Plan your meals for the week ahead and ensure you invest time in healthy home cooking.

Have a hug to offset stress
Affection can be hugely beneficial to our health. We need at least one hug in a day to cope with the pressures of modern life. Throw your arms around you loved ones for that comforting feeling

Limit your social media interaction

Take at least one hour off social media. Most people have become addicted to it, they no longer have a life of their own. Limit your time on social media and do things that you enjoy such as spending time in other people’s company

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