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5 ways to rejuvenate you bedroom for winter

With winter being out a few months away, there is nothing more gratifying than sprucing up your bedroom. Your sanctuary needs to be warm and cosy as the cold season kicks in. Here are some ways to revamp you inner room

Going gender neutral is considerate of hubby’s taste and ushers in a new cluttered minimalism. So out with the ruffles and in with a new paree down canvas with subtle geometrics and stripes. Warm it up with jewel tones in winter,like emerald, amber and amethyst and acid tones in summer like lemon or orange.High ulphostered headboards add a touch of luxury,warmth and comfort in place of metal and wooden ones

Extra high length 08002000.pillows and multiple throws replace single textures bedspreads, giving you room a textured, cosy feel.

If your room allows,add a living space. A small sofa or cushioned bench will extend your room’s use and provide a space for chilling out.

Keep it clear. Added storage will minimise clutter in built in wardrobes. See them as investment buys, because you use them in other rooms too

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