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Nandi Madida’s lit indoor party

Nandi Madida had a lit birthday celebration, in the comfort of he own home. The beautiful singer and presenter had promised fans to tune in love on Instagram at 8pm to witness how she was going to spend her birthday with her husband and two kids as opposed to going out due to the current corona virus epidemic. Suffice to say Nandi actually had a blast with her family in spite of being confined to their house.

She had advised her fans to wear comfy clothes for the occasion. Nandi has been applauded for acting responsibly and for taking precautionary measures to stop getting infected by the virus by staying at home. Sadly some people have not heeded to calls to stay indoors and party hotspots are often seen with people drinking and partying away.

The corona virus has become a global disaster after its outbreak in China. It has since spread to various countries with Italy recording the highest death toll. South Africa has also been affected with over 200 cases being recorded.

Nandi still managed to pull off an exciting birthday celebration and what better way to celebrate than with family

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