Madam boss receives cold reception on Twitter

Madam boss was recently roasted on Twitter following opening an account with the popular social media site. Madam boss has never had a twitter account and she jokingly told her fans to be gentle with her. She said she had heard through the grapevine that the streets of Twitter were tough and asked to be excused from harsh comments.

What followed was a downpour of comments directly attacking the comedian. Some said she had to be careful of what to tweet because the site was for educated people. Others said unlike Instagram and Facebook where pictures were the main focus, twitter was based on what one wrote and one had to have their intellect judged. A few, sympathised with her and said she would eventually get the hang of things on Twitter.

Madam boss is quite a popular figure online. She has millions of followers both on Facebook and Instagram. This has led to big brands scrambling for her attention and appointing her their brand ambassador. A simple photo posted by the comedian on Instagram will have hundreds of thousands of comments withing a few minutes of being posted.

It however seems her reception to Twitter has been a cold one. It remains to be seen whether she will get as many followers on Twitter as on her other platforms. Mai Titi was recently quoted online saying she does not have a Twitter account since it is for those who are educated.

Celebrities often get nasty comments online but the great thing about Madam boss is that she hardly takes offence. She actually just laughs it off.

Madam boss is now a huge brand having endorsements from various companies such as Trade Kings, Doves and Lifestyle furniture centre

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