Covid 19 cases in shocking increase

In a rather shocking and alarming development, the number of covid 19 confirmed cases has risen. In an official statement on Zbc news, it has been reported that the number of new cases has been recorded as 76. The total number of confirmed cases has now spiked to 132.

It is said that all the new cases except one, were from returnees coming from Botswana and South Africa. Only one case was a local transmission. The cases were recorded in Beitbridge, Masvingo and Harare.

The most cause for concern is that these returnees are alleged to be fleeing from quarantine centres. This poses an even greater danger to other members of society. The appalling living conditions and hunger at these centres has prompted many to run away thereby exposing other people to the virus.

The number of covid 19 cases seems to be rising at a very alarming rate. With hundreds of other returnees on their way back to the country, there is definitely going to be an increase in these cases.

Another cause for concern is the disregard for protective measures to stop the spread of the virus. People in remote areas neither have the sanitizers nor masks to cover up themselves. They are therefore at a higher risk.

Government has not provided any PPE to vulnerable communities. Even those that returned to work are in danger because not all companies managed to have their employees tested die to financial constraints.

The corona virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Italy and the USA were the hardest hit.

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