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Energy Mutodi roasted yet again online for twitter rant

Energy Mutodi has once again come under fire for his social media rants. The deputy minister seems to be rubbing up his fellow party colleagues the wrong way. His latest pronouncements on twitter have once again landed him in hot soup and the media has been having a field day with the former rhumba singer.

Mutodi took a dig at Tanzanian president for not having imposed a lockdown unlike ED who was prompt to keep people in their homes for their own security. The statement attracted a lot of attention leading to the minister of foreign affairs SB Moyo to publicly reprimand Mutodi and to also distance his ministry from the statement. In a very strange response, Mutodi categorically told Moyo to stay in his lane.

He further alleged that he was now living in fear of Moyo and his so called coalition. This outraged many people who accused Mutodi of having a bigger ego than what he could handle. They also reprimanded him for his loose tongue and shallow statements.

Mutodi is no stranger to controversy. In 2017 he went chills down the spines of many when he stated that the former president Robert Mugabe was supposed to be killed if he refused to resign. Later on, when the new dispensation came into play, Mutodi continued with his online charade and kept tweeting ridiculous statements. Comments from social media users all pointed out to the fact that the minister ought to tone down on his words or rather go back to music.

The tiff war between ministers has exposed the rift in the ruling party.

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