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Killer T takes a dig at Enzo ishall. Claims he can sign him

Killer T seems to have let money get to his head when he recently remarked that he could sign in Enzo ishall. The zimdancehall artist was recorded parading some US dollar notes spread on a table and later exclaimed that he could sign in fellow zimdancehall artist Enzo ishall. His only condition was that Enzo should shave off his head. Killer remarked, ” Mpfanha Enzo ndomusigner but ngaatange agerwa musoro’.

Enzo ishall was initially signed by Chillspoy records. His early hit songs such as Kanjiva were released while he was under the guidance of that record label. There were rumours of mismanagement of funds with the artist allegedly being ripped off. He was subsequently signed by zimdancehall fanatic prophet Passion Java.

The relationship was short-lived and Enzo moved on to Asian based promoter Tee Mak. It is not clear why Killer T uttered the sentiment that he could sign Enzo or whether it was a mere joke.

Enzo’s fans came down guns blazing at Killer T and told him to stay in his lane.

Killer T is not usually one to start beef with fellow artists. The “Makarova gunners” hitmaker startled fans with his declaration

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