Top 10 ways to live healthier

1 Eat chocolate
Scientists have urged people to eat two bars of chocolate a week. The higher the percentage of cocoa in a bar the more anti oxidants which means fewer free radicals and harmful substances in the body.

2 Get passionate
People who have frequent sex live longer than those who don’t. Sex lowers cholesterol, boosts circulation and releases endorphins

3 Stock up on citrus
This is particularly important especially in winter. People who eat four portions of citrus daily have a 40% lower risk of having strokes than those eating less than one portion daily.

4 Moisturise
Combat the natural ageing of your skin by using good skin products and making a conscious effort to protect it from the environment

5 Keep your brain occupied
Just like your body, your brain needs regular exercise. Do crosswords or play Sudoku. Reading a book upside down also triggers the brain into learning a new skill

5 Eat less meat
Studies have shown that vegetarians are less prone to diseases and less likely to suffer from cancer or heart disease

6 Think positive
You should try to turn ‘negative stress building thoughts’ into ‘positive stress busting ways of thinking’ Stress causes premature ageing and by combating smaller stressful situations, we are more likely to cope with larger ones.

7 Have a girl’s night out
People with a strong network of friends and family tend to live longer than loners. In fact, regularly seeing our friends benefits our health as much as quitting smoking

8 Floss you teeth
Regular flossing on a daily basis takes six years off your age by removing bacteria that attacks both your teeth and gums

9Eat good fats
Avocados and oily fish are ideal sources of essential fatty acids. They reduce inflammation and enhance the mood. They also improve memory, joint mobility and balance out your hormone levels

10 Juice up
Grape juice improves levels of good cholesterol while pomegranate juice can help dissolve arterial plaque build -up that triggers

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