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Zoolian”breadwinner” Karendo gets massive endorsements

The young boy asking for bread had his fortunes turned around after his video went viral. Zoolian was recorded lamenting that he was now fed up with eating sweet potatoes everyday in place of bread. Bread companies such as Proton and Bakers inn immediately spring into action and blessed the little boy with some bread. Other companies joined the bandwagon and showered the sweet little boy with their products including Irvine’s, Zimgold and Colcom. He has now earned the name “breadwinner”

Hsi stroke of luck did not end there. Zolan is trending for all the right reasons. The young man just scooped himself a lifetime investment that is set to change the course of his future entirely. A New York based organisation called Child registry has undertaken to create a child savings account for Zoolian Karendo. It will contribute some money every month towards Zoolian. He can use the money to start a business or go to university when he reaches 18. The money will be in the USD currency.

Indeed fortune favours the bold. Zoolian’s outcry over bread has turned into one major blessing. Social media was abuzz with comments complimenting the various brands that stepped in to assist the young boy.

Another boutique in Avondale, Blue lagoon has also been trying to locate the young boy so they make him their winter brand ambassador. Zoolian was clearly not expecting such a massive response to his plea for bread when the video was posted alas God works in mysterious ways.

There have also been several jokes about the young boy with funeral parlours being asked to step back and others saying he now needs a wife

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