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5 times Tino Chinyani blew the internet away

South African based model Tino Chinyani is famous for his good looks. The young hunk has sent social media into overdrive many a times with his hit pics and sexy poses. We profile the five times that our eyes could no resist the charming and handsome model.

Tino had the ladies drooling over his yummy bod with this steamy image of himself in the bathtub. The hearthrobe stole people’s hearts.

Being a model means one has to put off their conservative mindset at times. Tino, clinging into this female model, had tongues wagging. The model has often spoken out against people’s perspective of the modelling industry and how this has affected him. He said not people do not understand the standards expected of a model. This recent image had social media abuzz with comments

Once again Tino had our hearts melting at his appealing physique when he posed for this photo. Tino clearly knows how to pose for the camera and it seems to come naturally to him. The model has been doing very well and managed to get a massive endorsements deal from telecommunications giant Mobicel.

Going shirtless has never been much of a hassle for this model. We love this relaxed and laid down look on a lazy day

This image literally crashed down the internet last year. Tino received a lot of backlash from a lot of men for this bathroom charade. Of course the ladies loved it. While people were busy trying to reprimand him for what they said “going overboard” Tino merely rubbished their claims

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