Chinese employer shoots down Gweru employees

A touching story of two workers who were shot by their Chinese employer has caused outrage. The men are said to have been gunned down in Gweru after a dispute over unpaid wages. The Chinese national opened fire and injured the two.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union has called attention to the matter and MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson in the Youth assembly also posted about the incident on Twitter. What has enraged most people is the fact that no arrests have been made yet. It also remains unclear as to when the incident occurred.

Most people have been speaking out against the ill treatment of local people by Chinese nationals. Most workers have been said to be underpaid and ill treated with the Chinese employers having no regard for their employees.

These unfair labour practices were also castigated by Norton legislator Temba Mliswa. The Chinese have been accused of causing land degradation, violating human rights and have been fingered in a number of corruption cases. Mliswa once retorted,”If Chinese investment is so good for Zimbabwe, why is the Zimbabwean economy still struggling”.

People are still waiting for the police to act on the issue or at least make some investigations into the matter.

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