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Comic pastor and wife catch a breath of fresh air

Comic pastor and his wife were recently enjoying a breath of fresh air in the rural areas. The duo decided to reconnect with their roots as they made a courtesy visit to one of the most serene places.

The comic pastor said it is a good thing for people to visit their rural homes occasionally and connect with where they come from. Indeed the couple was all smiles as they posed for pictures in front of a hut.

The comic pastor is famous for his catchy punchlines and hillarious jokes. He is now riding with the rich and famous having established himself well in the arts industry. Comic pastor is particularly famous for his bravery. He is not one to be scared of politicians or other forces. He has released hillarious videos mimicking politicians or famous people. When the former deputy minister of information Energy Mutodi was fired from his post, comic pastor did a skit announcing that there was a vacancy post within government offices.

Most people have commended the comic pastor for taking time out of his busy schedule to revisit humble beginnings. Some celebrities, having tasted the sweet flavour of fame never look back at their backgrounds let alone visit the rural areas.

The fresh air certainly worked its magic on the comic pastor and his wife as they looked radiant and well poised in front of the hut

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