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Figtree single father receives help

A heartbreaking story was shared over a single father from fig tree who is currently taking care of his baby. The hard-working man who survives on piece jobs left people feeling emotional after his story was shared. He takes care of his baby alone after his wife passed away whilst giving birth.

He is known to move around with his baby in a wheelbarrow as he goes about his daily business of doing piece jobs. So heartbreaking was his story that most people responded to his plight. He received an assortment of groceries as well as 20 000 rtgs on Ecocash. Well wishers have been coming through with various items.

Most people commended the man for not abandoning his child and for taking responsibility. Others said he was a true example of a good father whose role has now transcended to that of a woman as well. The man has been taking care of his daughter ever since his wife passed away.

Suh cases are not uncommon in the country. There are men battling to take care of their kids after their wives die. Some might abandon their kids with relatives whilst others ensure they work hard for their children like the fig tree father.

The outpour of support was overwhelming and having regard that a baby was involved, people went all out. Senior government officials have also been in touch to see how they can assist. Mr Gumede has indeed shown resilience and a true dedication to his child, something that touched the hearts of many

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