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Mai Titi flaunts her new Mercedes Benz

Popular Zimbabwean actor come musician Mai TT has appeared on social media where she was rejoicing besides a white Mercedes benz secured courtesy of one of her partners.

In a video recording Mai TT thanks DC Motors for the kind gesture while also taunting her rivals who she says claimed that she did not have it in her to own such hot property. As proof that the white merc is indeed her’s Mai TT shows to the world documentation proving the new acquisition is indeed her’s.

While she could not hide her joy, Mai TT took time to highlight the significance of self belief and having the motivation to scale great heights regardless of critics.

Mai TT points to the essence of hard work and dedication as being the key facets to fulfilling one’s dreams. Mai TT is a prominent actor who is also known for releasing some exciting music. She is also a proud owner of a local boutique which sells women’s lingerie.

In spite of bad publicity the past few days, Mai Titi seems to be moving in with her life and the jabs from prophet passion Java have done nothing to deter her. She might have purchased the car just to get back at Passion Java after he made claims that she was pestering him to buy her a car. Mai Titi has proved to be a woman of substance, who can actually thrive on her own.

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