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Man in hot soup for assaulting General Valerio Sibanda’s daughter

A Harare man came under fire after bashing Viola Sibanda, the daughter of ZNA commander Gen Phillip Valerio Sibanda. Chadyiwa assaulted his wife Viola with fists, booted feet and a leather belt all over her belt. He appeared in court last week facing a domestic violence charge and was granted bail.

The assault was allegedly done over allegations of infidelity by his wife, the general’s daughter. It was alleged that on May 25 this year at about 8pm, Sibanda was at home when Chadyiwa made enquires about David, whom she was communicating with on her social media platform. An altercation ensues and ended with Chadyiwa assaulting his wife. She filed a police report on the same day and was referred to hospital for medical examination. Chadyiwa was later arrested after going to the police to report the incident.

Cases of domestic violence are on the increase and the current lockdown seems to have fuelled the situation. A recent video on social media showed a young girl being assaulted in an open road by someone looking like a boyfriend. This sparked outrage and most people are on the manhunt for the boy.

People have expressed outrage at domestic violence which seems to have become a societal norm

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