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Fadzayi Mahere celebrates 35 years

Prominent lawyer Fadzayi Mahere is celebrating her 35th birthday. The outspoken advocate and politician shared her gratitude on Facebook for being alive. She wrote,” On a chilly winter’s night,on the green hill of Harare hospital at 9pm exactly 35 years ago, I was born. I’m grateful that I’m still alive and I look forward to continuing to find out why. Living a life of purpose is the ultimate gift. What an adventure it has been so far”.

Fadzayi is well known in the legal profession for her ruthlessness and well presented arguments. She is one of the few female lawyers that have made a big name for themselves in a male dominated industry. Fadzayi is also a part time lecturer and is an inspiration to most young women out there.

She made her debut into politics when she vied for the position of councillor in Mt Pleasant. Although she did not get the position, Fadzayi did not throw in the towel. She is now the spokesperson for opposition party MDC A.

Her followers wished her a happy birthday and a fruitful career. Others encouraged her to get married saying the time is now ripe. Others were shocked that she had managed to have so many achievements under her belt at such a tender age. Fadzayi’s portfolio is indeed impressive and her legal mind has seen her winning many cases both in the lower courts and at the higher courts.

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