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Mannex applauded for uplifting Warren Park community

Musician Mannex is a man on a mission. The dancehall singer is currently working on a project to refurbish what used to be a beautiful basketball and tennis court in Warren Park. The facility has since become derelict, having been abandoned by the local council.

Mannex posted a picture of the abandoned facility and started mobilising funds to renovate the courts so that young people can have a sports facility in Warren Park. The appeal yielded results and the singer has been hard at work, ensuring that the necessary supplies are in place for the place to to be given a new lease of life.

Most council run sports facilities have since become dilapidated due to neglect by local authorities. Last year, most of the country’s stadiums were condemned by the international football governing body FIFA.

The initiative by the singer has been commended by most people,in particular the residents of Warren Park. Some have said it is a good thing to see young people taking such bold steps to improve their communities. Others have also expressed that the centre will help keep young people off drugs and alcohol as they will have sport to focus on.

Mannex was the lead singer in a group called Bootkin clan. They released songs such as Tsamba and Nyo. He later on went solo.

Most people are optimistic the project will be fruitful and the youth can finally have a place to hang out and showcase their sporting abilities

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