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Sebastian Magacha causes furore

Sebastian Magacha has once again raised eyebrows with another unique clothing piece. The gospel musician was spotted wearing a rather odd looking costume complete with a headpiece as he made a performance. The picture has since become an internet sensation.

Saba as the singer is popularly known put on a well tailored formal ensemble that was topped off with two large wing like structures on the top of his shoulders. He completed his look with a large headpiece such as those worn at carnivals. The wings and the headpiece were glittery. Fans have been flooding social media with comments on his look.

Some have commended the singer for having a unique fashion sense. He is said to be one of the pioneers of modern fashion trends. He has been hailed as one of the best dressed artists in the country particularly on the gospel music scene.

Others have however scorned his fashion choices. Some comments even suggested that the singer could be gay judging by what the authors perceived as feminine dressing. Saba caused furore last year when he unleashed a new range of men’s clothing that looked like a replica of what people in biblical times wore. There were mixed reactions to the range.

Saba can pretty much rock any look and his recent outfit could not have looked better on anyone else. He has been gracing res carpet events over the years in unique pieces that only he can pull off.

Saba is a well known gospel musician and has released hit songs such as Bhosvo. Fans are particularly crazy about his melodious voice and powerful lyrics

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