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Soldiers massacred by bees in a suspected case of juju

An alleged bizzare incident that is said to have occurred in Harare recently has left many people tongue tied. An audio message doing the rounds on social media has suggested that a group of soldiers and police officers suffered a traumatic experience after being bitten by a swarm of bees. The incident is alleged to have happened in Kuwadzana.

It has been said that soldiers and police officers arrived at Kuwadzana 4 shopping center and started harassing people. The peace officers started arresting people and chasing after those that were running away. It is alleged that some bees just came and settled under a cart. The cart is allegedly owned by an old lady who is quite famous for using juju. She is allegedly called “Mai Ndunge” according to the audio. It is alleged all hell broke loose when the bees started stinging the police officers and soldiers who scurried away to avoid being stung. Even those that had remained in the police lorry are said not to have been spared the agony. The issue has become a topical issue online making peace officers a subject for mockery. People have been posting various memes with bees and warning that these little creatures had made grown men to run for dear life.

Police officers and soldiers have been trying to maintain order during this lockdown period. They have been on high alert for people that are failing to adhere to lockdown regulations sub as wearing a mask and maintaining social distance

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