New social media craze takes over

A new social media craze has taken over the internet. People have been using an application to make their pics look a bit older and then labelling them with all sorts of ridiculous captions.

Celebrities have not been spared the new trend. Basically a person will take a recent picture of their favorite celebrity, put it in black and white and then write some funny statement to complement the image. This image of Passion Java blew up the internet recently

Being a popular personality meant that Madam boss would not be spared from this challenge. Indeed there have been several memes throwing shade at her for various things. In one picture she was said to have been the first woman to introduce bleaching back in the days. Her pictures are even more hillarious given that the app that makes one look older was used. The comedian actually shared the pictures and had a blast

The man of the moment Jah Master was said to be the first man to call God regard being to his song Hello Mwari. Another bonus making these pictures funny is the fact that the celebrities are being given weird names to go along with the captions given. Jah Master is reffered to as Kairos Kambanje.

Mudiwa Hood had a major wake up call when this meme suggested that his good looks are not in any way helpful in terms of securing financial security. The rapper is known to brag about his good looks.

Man of God prophet Bushiri also suffered the same fate as other celebrities when it was suggested that he had been respected by older people at his church instead of it being the other way round.

These memes are merely voicing what people have long been perceiving at the back of their minds.

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