Olinda Chapel celebrates son’s birthday

UK Based Zim socialite Olinda Chapel is one happy mother. She recently took to social media to express motherhood joys. The socialite celebrated the birthday of her son Jaden.

Olinda said her son bore a striking resemblance to her in terms of character. She confessed that on this particular child she had been served with a taste of her own medicine. She also had stated the following about her bundle of joy, “The happiest boy you will ever know. But guaranteed he will always speak his mind even if it doesn’t conform to general opinion. My strong willed boy that is very independent and takes care of everyone around him”. She then proceeded to tell him how much she loves her little boy. Olinda is very protective of her children

She usually treats her kids to expensive clothes and well organised trips. Last year, she caused quite a stir on social media after sharing pictures of herself and her kids on a trip to Disneyland in France.

Olinda loves her kids equally even if they were sired from different marriages. Jaden, who is a striking image of his mum, shares a very special bond with his mum.

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